I would recommend to NEVER use Wakulla Realty or Wakulla Property Management for renting a property. In my opinion, Owner Sonya Hall is about as unethical as they come and should have her Broker license revoked.

In my experience, I have never dealt with someone that ignores her clients needs, lets the property owners rip you off and tries to see how much she can get away with as her. One should pay VERY close attention to any agreement she produces. In my experience, She will screw the client for her own benefit and be ambiguous enough just to see how much she can get out of them. I believe staying clear from anything she is involved with would be a wise choice.

In my opinion, there are much more reliable and ethical property management companies out there to deal with. No need in putting yourself through the trouble of dealing with her.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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I agree, rented from her for a few year at a property where the owner of the property lived close by. It got to the point that I did not even deal with her when it came to problems with the property because she would never call back and when she did, she would say that she would contact the owner to see what he wanted to do.

HA!!!!!! that was a lie. She would never contact him, I would see him and say something about the problem and he would say, I'm so sorry I didn't know and then he would fix the problem. If I was 3 days late she wanted a 50.00 late fee, even though I was rarely late and even when I was I never went past the 3 days.

The owner finally put a stop to her charging me the late the fee because I was a single mom which she knew.

She is a thief and a liar and does not take care of her properties but want that rent money on time. SNAKE

Chesterfield, Missouri, United States #802186

I would agree. Tried to use her to market one of my rental properties. Never again.

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